THE LAST SUPPER is 5 feet high and  8 feet wide


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This painting of The Last Supper ( 5 x 8 feet ) was started in Boulder, Colorado and  completed four years later (1986) in Windsor, Connecticut.  This was long before  The Da Vinci Code with the speculation that the figure to the left of Christ might have been Mary Magdalena. As you will note, in this more widely accepted interpretation of Da Vinciís painting, the figure to the left of Jesus, I betrayed as being John the Beloved, the only male present without a beard.  Who knows, maybe the The Da Vinci Code is right. Maybe my John the Beloved is really Mary Magdalena covering her protruding breasts with her arms crossed over them.

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For those living the New England and Tri-state area, a day trip away , The Last Supper may be viewed close up at my gallery in Hartford, CT.

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96"(w) x 60"(h)

Acrylic on Canvas ©1986

From Left to Right: Bartholomew, Simon, Jude, James, Mathew, John, Jesus, Peter, Judas, Andrew, Philip, James the Younger, Thomas  




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